Alexandra Seceleanu

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Associate Professor Mathematics 338 Avery Hall

About Me

For more information visit my personal website.

I was awarded the 2018 Harold and Esther Edgerton Junior Faculty Award for creative research, extraordinary teaching abilities, and academic promise.

In the news: When life gives you lemons, make mathematicians, an article in the Notices of the AMS about the Polymath program - a large scale online REU I mentored.

Videos from Selected Talks


My research is in commutative algebra, with an interest in computational algebra, homological methods and connections to algebraic geometry.

My publications on the ArXiv and MathSciNet.


I have authored or co-authored several packages for the computer algebra program Macaulay2.

  • GenericInitialIdeal
  • Regularity
  • SymmetricPolynomials
  • BigIdeals
  • SymbolicPowers