Undergraduate Students 2023-24

Chair’s Prize Award

Helena Holland

Nicholas White

Special Awards

Tan Phan, 1st Place in the New Venture Competition

Dennis Startsev, Received author status for the soon to be published “Immune Digital Twin Blueprint: A Comprehensive Simulatable Model of the Human Immune System” by Rada Amin*, Sara Sadat Aghamiri, Bhanwar Lal Puniya, Lauren Mayo, Dennis Startsev, Kashish Poore, Resa Helikar and Tomas Helikar*

Chancellor's Scholars (4.0 GPA in all courses)

Spring 2024: Helena Holland, Tan Phan, and Nicholas White

Math Majors Graduated with Highest Distinction – Spring 2024 (Anticipated)

Bryce Herrington, Helena Holland, and Nicholas White

Math Majors Graduated with High Distinction – Spring 2024 (Anticipated)

Charles Fulks, Abigail Hanson, Angeline Luther, Alexander Miller, Layla Nguyen, Tan Phan, Abraham Schaecher, and Elizabeth Weber

Math Majors Graduated with Distinction – Spring 2024 (Anticipated)

Shaunak Datta, Layla Montemayor, Shivani Mudhelli, Margaret Scott, and Ethan Yaroch

Math Majors Graduated with Honors – Spring 2024 (Anticipated)

Shaunak Datta, Abigail Hanson, Bryce Herrington, Helena Holland, Angeline Luther, Alexander Miller, Layla Montemayor, Shivani Mudhelli, Tan Phan, Margaret Scott, Elizabeth Weber, Nicholas White, Ethan Yaroch

Math Majors Graduated in Spring 2024 (Anticipated)

Zach Beaver, Zachary Bravo, Morgan Brockner, Eric Corrado, Shaunak Datta, Sophia Duncan, Charlie Fulks, Abigail Hanson, Hugo Hausman, James He, Bryce Herrington, Helena Holland, Joshua Irby, Harrison Kerns, Angeline Luther, William Marshall, Alexander Miller, Layla Montemayor, Shivani Mudhelli, Layla Nguyen, Tan Phan, Justin Powers, Lake Reikofski, David Ryckman, Abraham Schaecher, Samantha Schur, Margaret Scott, Augustus Shald, Juan Silva, Dennis Startsev, Tatiana Startseva, Elizabeth Weber, Nicholas White, Ethan Yaroch, and Taylor Ziepke

Math Majors Graduated with High Distinction – Fall 2023

Evan Fulton

Math Majors Graduated with Distinction – Fall 2023

Xiangyuan Su

Math Majors Graduated with Honors – Fall 2024

Evan Fulton

Math Majors Graduated in Fall 2023

Nataliya Brana, Kuan Ruei Chiang, Joel Eckloff, Evan Fulton, Anna Gullett, Nathan Hanzy, Courtney Higginbotham, Jiahua Jia, Mark Pham, Sean Snider, Xiangyuan Su, and Yuanshu Wang

Math Majors Graduated with Honors – Summer 2023

Cole Johnson

Math Majors Graduated in Summer 2023

Cole Johnson, Ann Le, Jessica Osterhaus, and Michael Young

Senior Honors and Distinction Theses (directed by)

Evan Fulton, Fall 2023 (Timothy Gay, Physics & Shireen Adenwalla, Physics)

Abigail Hanson, Spring 2024 (Sean Trundle, History & Gerald Steinacher, History)

Bryce Herrington, Spring 2024 (Robert Streubel, Physics & Peter Dowben, Physics)

Helena Holland, Spring 2024 (Tyler White, Political Science & Alexandra Seceleanu, Math)

Layla Montemayor, Spring 2024 (Petronela Radu, Math & Mikil Foss, Math)

Nicholas White, Spring 2024 (Mikil Foss, Math & Adam Larios, Math)

Ethan Yaroch, Spring 2024 (Ross Miller, Political Science & Daniel Tannenbaum, Economics)

UCARE Awards and Undergraduate Research/Independent Study Participation (directed by)

Dakota Andrews, 2023-24 (David Lieberman & Jack Jeffries)

Helena Holland, Thesis 2023-24 (Tyler White, Political Science & Alexandra Seceleanu)

Ann Le, Summer 2023 (Wendy Smith)

Layla Montemayor, Thesis 2023-24 (Petronela Radu & Mikil Foss)

Tan Phan, 2023-24 (Yu Jin)

Bishop Placke, Spring 2024 (Tom Marley)

Shaghayegh Rouhi, Spring 2024 (Petronela Radu)

Noah Sorensen, Spring 2024 (Allan Donsig, Chris Schafhauser, & Mikkel Munkholm)

Dennis Startsev, 2023-24 (Tomas Helikar, Biochemistry)

Elizabeth Weber, UCARE 2023-24 (Adam Larios)

Nicholas White, Thesis 2023-24 (Mikil Foss & Adam Larios)

Nicholas White, Spring 2024 (Adam Larios)

2023 Putnam Contest Participants

Paul George, Andrew Medina, Kolton O'Neal, and Nicholas White

Pi Mu Epsilon — Inducted Spring 2024

Mitchell Anderson, Bishop Placke, Matthew Schlatter, Aussia Stander, and Jenna Wakefield

Spring 2024 Nebraska Experimental Math and Outreach Lab Participants

Donovan Dyk, Helena Holland, Jack Murphy, Nick Starns, and Ian Sutton

Math Directed Reading Program – Fall 2023 (mentored by)

Sophia Duncan (Abbey D’Ovidio)

Asmaa Elabasy (Ben Katz and Derek DeBlieck)

Kolton O’Neal (Ryan Watson)

Bishop Placke (Wolf Allred)

Noah Sorensen (Mikkel Munkholm)

Nicholas White (Dylan McKnight)

Math Directed Reading Program – Spring 2024 (mentored by)

Mitchell Lange (Derek DeBlieck)

Kolton O'Neal (Ryan Watson)

Nicholas White (Dylan McKnight)

Department Scholarship Awards

58 scholarships were awarded for the 2023-24 academic year.

Irwin Dubinsky Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics

Charles Fulks, Abigail Hanson, and Abraham Schaecher

Joel Stebbins Fund

Khai Shen Chng

Dean H. and Floreen G. Eastman Memorial Scholarships in Mathematics

Dakota Andrews, Zach Beaver, Braden Borchers, Nevin Butler, Carson Catherall, Abby Gregory, Joshua Havlovic, Bryce Herrington, Anna Janvrin, David Khuu, Chase Kling, Caitlin Murphy, Jack Murphy, Matthew Naumann, Kolton O'Neal, Erica Pearce, Bryant Peck, Bishop Placke, Lily Rippeteau, Keira Rish, Margaret Scott, Sara Vance, Jenna Wakefield, Nicholas White, Edward Wiltgen, Lucas Wurtz, and Brayton Zeibig

Drusilla Winchester Scholarship

Jacob Snider and Elizabeth Weber

Renneman/Luebbers Scholarship in Math

Abigail Hanson, Angeline Luther, Jacob Snider, and Elizabeth Weber

Ruby Matzke Whittemore Fund

Courtney Higginbotham

Dr. Huben Schneider Scholarship

Jacob Snider and Elizabeth Weber

Sylvia & Hans Jeans Mathematics Scholarship

Ryan Bulver, Khai Shen Chng, Charles Fulks, Abbi Gant, William Hammann, Abigail Hanson, Angeline Luther, Layla Montemayor, Abraham Schaecher, Jacob Snider, Elizabeth Weber, and Sebastian Wysocki

Gallup UNL Math Day Scholarship

Blaine Traudt

Linda Bors Mathematics Scholarship

Lily Rippeteau and Sara Vance

Mike & Jo McGuire Scholarship (new for 2023-24)

Kolton O'Neal and Nicholas White

Chivukula & Emani Scholarship for Mathematics (new for 2023-24)

William Hammann

College of Arts & Sciences Scholarships Earned for 2023-24

Dakota Andrews, Mr. John O. Nigh Scholarship

Ryan Bollish, Herbert Thomas & Lilah David Folsom Memorial Endowment – PreMed

Morgan Brockner, Henry & Dorothy Riekes Scholarship

Charlie Fulks, Kenneth & Berni Marcotte Haggard Scholarship

Laura Kirshenbaum, Ed F. & Clara M. Degering Trust Scholarship

Angeline Luther, N Fund - Arts & Sciences Scholarship

Caitlin Murphy, N Fund - Arts & Sciences Scholarship

Lars Pedersen, Ed Hirsch Scholarship

Lily Rippeteau, Dr. Walter Mientka STEM Scholarship

Nicholas White, N Fund - Arts & Sciences Scholarship

Ruthi Zielinski, Ed F. & Clara M. Degering Trust Scholarship

Graduate Students

Link to Ph.D. alumni

December 2023 Ph.D.:

Molly R. Creagar, advised by Richard Rebarber and Brigitte Tenhumberg, "Game-Theoretic Approaches to Optimal Resource Allocation and Defense Strategies in Herbaceous Plants."

Aurora Justine DeBellevue, advised by Susan Hermiller and Mark Brittenham, "Effective Computations of Automatic Structures for HNN Extensions," Northrop Grumman. 

Meraiah Martinez, advised by Christine Kelley, "On Dyadic Parity Check Codes and Their Generalizations." 

Frank Richard Zimmitti, advised by Brian Harbourne, "Unexpectedness Stratified by Codimension." 

May 2024 Ph.Ds.:

Lawrence Gustavo Seminario-Romero, advised by Richard Rebarber and Brigitte Tenhumberg, "An analysis of plant response to herbivory," Visting Assistant Professor at Haverford College. 

Isabel Safarik, advised by Adam Larios. Dissertation title: "Mathematical and Computational Analysis of Certain Regularizations for the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations and Nonlocal Peridynamic Conservation Laws." May 2024. Fire Weather Research at Colorado State University's Collaborative Institute in the Atmosphere at the NOAA Global Systems Laboratory. 

Nikola Kuzmanovski, advised by Alexandra Seceleanu and Jaime Radcliffe. "Discrete Maculay-Steiner Geometry." May 2024. 

Matt Enlow, advised by Adam Larios. "Approximation via Degree Reduction of Nonlinearities with Applications to Turbulent Flows, Flame Fronts, and Magnetohydrodynamics." May 2024. 

Dylan McKnight. August 2024. 

August 2024 Ph.Ds.:

Sara McKnight, advised by George Avalos, "Semigroup well-posedness and finite element analysis of a Biot-Stokes interactive system." 

Gregory Faurot, advised by Christopher Schafhauser, "On Regularity of Graph C* -Algebras." Postdoc at Ohio State Unviersity. 

Master's Degree Recipients:

December 2023, MAT: Jordan Marie Rector
May 2024, MA/MS: Robert Jeffrey Ireland, Mikkel Munkholm, Zachary Robert Nason, Maciej Piwowarczyk, Ana Elena Podariu 
May 2024, MAT: 
August 2024, MAT: 

Awards and Fellowships

Amy Bouska GTA Leadership Award

Michael Pieper 

Linda Bors Fellowships

Matt Enlow 

Nawaj KC 

Isabel Safarik 

Awards and Fellowships (continued)

Steven Haataja Award for Outstanding Exposition by a Graduate Student

Kirsten Morris

Ben Nolting Award

Jordan Barrett

Grace Chisholm Young and William Henry Young Fellowship

Audrey Goodnight 

Walter Mientka Teaching  

Gabriel Adams 

Don Miller Outstanding GTA 

Abbey Long-D'Ovidio

Outstanding 1st Year Student

Wolf Allred

Outstanding Qualifying Exam

Thanh Le 

Julianne Faur

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant

Dakota White 

2023-2024 AMS Officers

President: Petra Lynn Vanderhei 

Treasurer: Julie Geraci

2023-2024 Internships and Summer Schools

Sara McKnight, NASA, Summer 2023

Sabrina Klement, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Summer 2024

Anh Vo, ORNL 

Scott Footman-NG, Sandia Laboratories 

Publications, Talks and Posters

Michael Pieper: Poster "Nonlocal Variational Problems," Riviere-Fabes Symposium on Analysis and PDE, 2024. Talk "Variations on a Theme: Two Existence Theorems For Nonlocal Variational Problems," SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science, 2024. Talk "Variations on a Theme: Two Existence Theorems For Nonlocal Variational Problems," AMS Fall Central Sectional. Workshop MSRI Summer Graduate School--Topics in Geometric Flows and Minimal Surfaces 

Isabel Safarik: Invited Speaker AMS Special Session on Recent Advances in Nonlinear PDEs and Their Applications SIAM Minisymposium on Recent Developments in Deterministic and Stochastic PDEs: Theoretical and Numerical Analysis 


Sara McKnight: NASA Nebraska Space Grant, Summer 2023






Faculty and Staff

UNL Awards

College Distinguished Teaching Award

Kevin Gonzales

Applause Awards



Alexandra Seceleanu: Ruth L. Micheler Memorial Prize, AMS, 2024-25

Wendy Smith: Women of Courage, Character, and Commitment Award, Gender and Sexuality Center 

Kristen Amman: Rutgers Graduate School of Education 2024 Angelo L. Tomaso Excellence in Dissertation Award 

Yvonne Lai: MAA Sectional Distinguished Teaching Award 

Christine Kelley: 2024 Fellow, Association for Women in Mathematics 

New Postdocs

José Román Aranda Cuevas 

Lauren Heller

Ishan Ishan 

New Faculty

Kristen Amman 

Amy Bennett

Kazuo Yamazaki 

Faculty Promotions 

Josh Brummer- Associate Professor of Practice

Chris Schafhauser- Associate Professor

Jack Jeffries- Associate Professor 

Yvonne Lai- Professor  

Family & Friends Recognition Awards 

Mark Walker

Kevin Gonzales


Kazuo Yamazaki: R. Covington, S. Patton, E. Walker, and K. Yamazaki, Improved uniform persistence for partially diffusive models of infectious diseases: cases of avian influenza and Ebola virus disease, Math. Biosci. Eng., 20 (2023), pp. 19686—19709.; Approximating three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics system forced by space-time white noise, J. Differential Equations, to appear. Its pre-print is also available at arXiv:2002.12732 [math.AP].; Non-uniqueness in law of the two-dimensional surface quasi-geostrophic equations forced by random noise, Ann. Inst. H. Poincare Probab. Stat., pp. 1-50, to appear.; Non-uniqueness in law of three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics system forced by random noise, Potential Anal., pp. 1-73, to appear. 

Wendy Smith: Barth, S., Criswell, B., Smith, W. M., & Rushton, G. (2024). Modeling How Professional Development Interacts with Teacher Leaders’ Outcome Expectancies and School Environment Perceptions. International Journal of Leadership in Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/13603124.2024.2307877; Quaisley, K., Smith, W. M., Criswell, B., Funk, R. A., & Hutchinson, A. (2023). From becoming to being: How STEM teachers develop leadership identities. International Journal of Leadership in Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/13603124.2023.2292161 

Roger Wiegand Award

Announced at 2024 Recognition


Jim Lewis

Richard Rebarber 


Kristen Amman: NSF DUE Grant Number 2300725, Broadening Narratives about Math Majors: Investigating the Needs and Experiences of Community College Mathematics Majors 

Brian Harbourne: Eloísa Grifo, Brian Harbourne, Jack Jeffries, Tom Marley, Alexandra Seceleanu, Mark Walker, NSF RTG 

Susan Hermiller: Christian Binek and Susan Hermiller (with 19 SI's), Quantum Approaches Addressing Global Threats, UNL Grand Challenge Catalyst grant, 2023

Faculty and Staff Members Serving for 0 (mod 5) Years, Awarded Fall 2023

Jaime Radcliffe (30 years)  

Susan Hermiller ( 25 years)  

Brigitte Tenhumberg (20 years)  

Wendy Smith (15 years)  

Doug Pellatz (10 years)  

Josh Brummer (5 years)