Nebraska mathematics alumni are not only successful in their chosen paths; they maintain a connection to their alma mater — whether it’s returning to talk with students about navigating their career path, continuing to support Nebraska academics and athletics, or making a gift to ensure that our students can afford their education. Our alumni have accomplished astounding achievements since exiting the halls of our departments. Below are some of the alumni featured in our annual newsletters.

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‘I like being a connector' - Joyce Yen

The satisfaction that first came from solving problems in mathematics now fuels Joyce Yen in her pursuit to solve issues in equity, diversity, and inclusion at the faculty level. Yen is the director of the University of Washington’s ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change, a program funded by the National Science Foundation that works to improve the academic climate for women not only at Washington, but also across the nation. Since 2003, Nebraska alumna Yen has helped lead 13 grants, worth a total of more than $6.7 million, to advance women faculty in science, engineering, and mathematics. Read More

AMS Blog by Kristie Pfabe: Teaching in prison

“I am sad this class is going to be over,” said one student. “What am I going to do with myself?” asked another during the last week of an Intermediate Algebra class that I taught last summer at the Lincoln Correctional Center (LCC) with Meggan Hass, then a University of Nebraska graduate student. Meggan and I were sad, too. It’s not often that we hear these types of comments from students, but as I have learned, the unexpected can happen when one teaches in prison. Read More