Howard Rowlee Lecture Series 2003

The Seventh Annual Howard Rowlee Lecture will be given by Professor Mark J. Ablowitz of the University of Colorado, Boulder. The lecture will be held in Burnett Hall, Room 115 on Thursday April 24th at 4:15pm, and there will be a reception before hand in Bessey Hall, Room 104

Mark J. Ablowitz is the author or coauthor of six books and of more than 220 papers on applied mathematics, mathematical physics and nonlinear partial differential equations. He is one of the world's leading experts on the theory and application of the inverse scattering transform. Professor Ablowitz has lectured at over 200 universities, conferences and laboratories around the world. He is the recepient of numerous honors and awards. These include Sloan and Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships.

WWW: Waves, Water and the Web!

Abstract: Waves of a similar type occur in the ocean and the web! How is this so? This lecture will discuss the phenomena of nonlinear soliton waves which were first observed in shallow canals in Scotland in 1834. Twenty five years ago, solitons were also observed as giant internal waves in the ocean. Soliton waves and their "RZ" (return-to zero) cousins are fundamental in the study of ultra-high bit-rate communications. The basis of the similarity and models describing high bit-rate communications will be presented. If time permits, waves composed of zero's and one's including the "game of life" and soliton cellular automata will be discussed.

Sponsored By: Department of Mathematics and UNL Research Council

For more information, contact: Steve Cohn

Mark Ablowitz