International conference on geometric and combinatorial methods in group theory and semigroup theory.

May 15 to May 19, 2000

The main topics to be discussed at this conference will be asymptotic properties and algorithmic problems for groups and semigroups. In particular, the talks will cover the following general areas of group theory and semigroup theory: boundaries of groups, infinite words, dynamical properties of groups and semigroups, quasi-isometries of groups, profinite methods in semigroups, rewriting systems for groups and semigroups, and algorithmic and computational problems in groups and semigroups.

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Conference Photograph

We have scanned in a copy of the conference photograph (now that the conference is over). If you registered for the conference, did not receive copy of the photo, and would like one sent to you, please contact one of the organizers.


We have put together a preliminary schedule for the conference. If there are any schedule conflicts we should be aware of, please let us know. Participants should plan to arrive on Sunday, May 14. The talks will begin on the morning of Monday, May 15, and continue through the afternoon of Friday, May 19. There will be a free afternoon on Wednesday, May 17.


If you plan to participate in the conference, please let us know by filling out the Online Registration Form. All participants are asked to fill out this form as early as possible in order to aid our conference planning.

There will be a conference registration fee of $50. This fee will be waived for students and recent Ph.D. recipients.


Susan Hermiller and John Meakin
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
810 Oldfather Hall
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68588-0323 and


Mark Sapir
Department of Mathematics
1326 Stevenson Center
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240-0001

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
810 Oldfather Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0323
Phone: (402) 472-7238 or (402)472-7244
FAX: (402)472-8466

Transportation to Lincoln

To fly into the airport in Lincoln, Nebraska, flights are available from TWA (via St. Louis), United (via Chicago or Denver), Northwest (via Minneapolis on Northwest Airlink), or U.S. Air Express (via Kansas City). The taxi ride from the airport to downtown is approximately $14. There are also many flights available in and out of Omaha, which is about an hour's drive from Lincoln. Occasionally you can find flights into Omaha which are significantly less expensive than flights into Lincoln. If you arrive or leave from Omaha, you will either need to rent a car, or use the shuttle service between the Omaha airport and Lincoln. This service, called the Eppley Express, has three connections each direction every weekday, and fewer on weekends. For details about the shuttle go to the web site
If you are driving, Lincoln is right off of Interstate 80. Here is a map of the area near the Math/Stat Department, and links to MAPBLAST (for maps of other areas and driving directions.)

Getting around Lincoln

  • City Campus Map.
  • Downtown Lincoln and the University.
    You can click on city campus to get an picture of the city campus.
    Downtown is laid out in a grid, with numbered streets going north-south and lettered streets going east-west. To get from downtown to campus by foot, walk to 12th and R on the grid, then continue walking north (12th St. will be pointed due south) until you get to Oldfather Hall.
  • If you are driving into Lincoln, you will most likely be coming in from I-80. It will be easiest to take the Downtown Lincoln exit, which gets you onto I-180. I-180 becomes 9th street, and at this point you will be on the grid. If you stay in a hotel, you should be able to find the hotel address on the map listed above.


The weather in Lincoln in May can be quite variable. Most likely it will be very pleasant (high temperatures about 70 degrees (F), lows about 40-50 F), but the standard deviation is high, so be prepared for a variety of interesting weather conditions. The conference organizers take no responsibility for the weather. If you'd like to check the forecast before you leave home, here is a link to a weather forecast.

Accommodations, social events, and airport transportation


  • We list below information about several hotels located in downtown Lincoln, adjacent to the UNL campus; we have reserved blocks of rooms in the first two of these, as well as rooms in dormitories on the UNL campus. Once you have made your accommodation choice, please fill out the Accommodation/food/transportation form at this link to let us know where you will be staying. This form is also the method to use to reserve a dorm room. If you wish to book a room in any of the hotels, you must also contact them directly; for the Town House and Holiday Inn, mention that you are with the math conference in order to get the rates quoted below.
  • Town House Mini-Suite Motel: 1744 M Street, Lincoln, NE 68508, approximately one mile (20 minute walk) from campus.
    Single - one person - $43 per night, Double - two people - $50 per night (plus tax).
    Contact for reservations: Call 1-402-475-3000 or 1-800-279-1744, or email (Note: This email address may not work; if not, please call instead.)
  • Holiday Inn: 141 N. 9 St., Lincoln, NE 68508, approximately a half mile (10 minute walk) from campus.
    Single or double - $82.95 (plus tax) per night.
    Contact for reservations: Call 1-402-475-4011 or 1-800-432-0002, or FAX 1-402-475-9011.
  • Cornhusker Hotel: 333 S. 13 St., Lincoln, NE 68508, approximately a half mile (10 minute walk) from campus.
    See the Cornhusker Hotel web page for room rates.
    Contact for reservations: Call 1-402-474-7474, FAX 1-402-474-1847, or email, or complete the form at the hotel web page above.
  • UNL Dormitory Accommodation: On campus.
    One or two people - $28 per night. Note: All rooms in the dormitories are non-smoking rooms.
    Contact for reservations: Fill out the Accommodation/food/transportation form.

Social events (and food)

On the evening of Monday, May 15 there will be a conference reception, free for all registered participants. There will be a conference banquet on Wednesday, May 17; the cost for this banquet will be $15. Please let us know on the Accommodation/food/transportation form whether or not you plan to attend this banquet, and whether you have dietary restrictions we should be aware of.
The conference will provide a continental breakfast each morning (May 15-19). There is a wide variety of restaurants serving meals all day in the immediate vicinity of campus, in short walking distance from both the conference and all of the accommodation options.

Airport transportation

We will attempt to arrange transportation between the Lincoln airport and both the hotels and dormitory accommodations. The Holiday Inn and Cornhusker Hotels also have free shuttle services to the airport for participants staying at those hotels. Please indicate your arrival and departure times on the Accommodation/food/transportation form so that we can arrange for your transportation.

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