A Conference on Polynomial Maps and the Jacobian Conjecture

In Honour of the Mathematical Work of Gary Meisters

May 9–10, 1997

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For pictures of the speakers and the participants see program.

The Articles

  1. Forword by Arno van den Essen
  2. A Tilt at TILFs by Rod Nillsen
  3. Shear Banding-A Study in Nonlocal Problems by Jerrold Bebernes
  4. Picturing Pinchuk's Plane Polynomial Pair by L. Andrew Campbell
  5. Recognizing Automorphisms of Polynomial Algebras by Jie-Tai Yu
  6. Some remarks on continuous and discrete Markus-Yamabe problems by Anna Cima, Armengol Gasull and Francesc Manosas
  7. Real Jacobian Conjecture and Cubic Linear Mappings by Thiruvenkatachari Parthasarathy
  8. A Mountain Pass to the Jacobian Conjecture by Marc Chamberland and Gary Hosler Meisters
  9. On the 2-dimensional Jacobian Conjecture and affine Varieties Containing C2 by David Wright
  10. A nonlinearizable cubic-linear mapping by Gianluca Gorni
    Mathematica Notebook with pairing example.
  11. Ga-Actions Obtained by Local Slice Constructions by Gene Freudenburg
  12. Cubic Similarity in Dimension Five by Engelbert Hubbers
  13. The King of the talking frogs and polynomial automorphisms by Arno van den Essen

Edited by Engelbert Hubbers

Gary Meisters and his wife