Conference on Mathematical Ecology

Conference Theme: Population Dynamics

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Department of Mathematics, School of Biological Sciences, and School of Natural Resources


Conference starts: 8 am on Saturday, April 14, 2012

Conference ends: noon on Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday: 212 Jackie Gaughan Center, Nebraska Union

Sunday: 115 Avery Hall

The Conference will provide an interdisciplinary overview of the current state-of-the-art research in Population Dynamics, through talks from some of the most distinguished researchers in the field, and will foster contacts between mathematicians and ecologists, and contacts between early-career and senior researchers. The conference features 15 half-hour presentations, three organized 40-minute discussion times, and evening activities to encourage informal interaction.

Conference Schedule

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Conference Participants

Abstracts of Talks

Abstracts of Posters

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Priyanga Amarasekare (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA)
Stephen Cantrell (Mathematics, University of Miami)
Kim Cuddington (Biology, University of Waterloo)
Stephen Ellner (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell)
Bill Fagan (Biology, University of Maryland)
Mark Lewis (Mathematical Sciences, Biological Sciences, University of Alberta)
Judith Miller (Mathematics, Georgetown)
Michael Neubert (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Biology Department Ocean Life Institute
Roger Nisbet (Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Tim Reluga (Mathematics and Biology, Penn State)
Sebastian Schreiber (Evolution and Ecology, University of California – Davis)
Stuart Townley (Mathematics Research Institute, University of Exeter)
Shripad Tuljapurkar (Biology, Stanford)
Pauline van den Driessche (Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria)
Hao Wang (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta)

Rowlee Lecture

On Friday, April 13 at 4pm, Mark Lewis will give the Annual Howard Rowlee Lecture, a public lecture presented annually by the Department of Mathematics at UNL. The Rowlee Lecture Series are suitable for a large, diverse audience which does not necessarily have a mathematical or scientific background.


If you wish to attend the conference, please contact Richard Rebarber. If you would like to present a poster at the conference, please send us a paragraph-long abstract by March 13, 2012.

Financial Support

We have some financial support available, especially for early-career researchers. If you need support to attend this conference, please send the following information to Richard Rebarber: name; institution; type of employment (postdoc, tenure track, tenured, visiting faculty, graduate student, undergraduate); support you anticipate being able to get from a grant or from your institution; and estimated travel expenses. Whether or not you present a poster will not affect the amount of financial support available.

There is no registration fee. Support has been provided by the UNL Department of Mathematics, the UNL School of Biological Sciences, the UNL School of Natural Resources, and the National Science Foundation.


Richard Rebarber, Professor, Department of Mathematics.

Brigitte Tenhumberg, Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Andrew Tyre, Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources


General information on travel to Lincoln. This page includes information about shuttles between Lincoln and Omaha.

For travel between the Omaha Airport and the Lincoln Holiday Inn or University, call OmaLink at 402-475-5465, and use "math conference" as the code.


Maps of campus and Lincoln.


We have a block of hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn, a very short walk from the conference. Participants should call 402-475-4011, ask for in-house reservations, and use the code UNLMATH. The rate is $94 single/$99 double, which includes breakfast.