Graduate Student Travel Request Form

Advice On Filling Out The Graduate Student Travel Request Form

The department aims to fund all reasonable travel requests. If you clearly and briefly explain the professional benefits of the trip and why your request is reasonable, then you will get a quicker response and be more likely to have your full request funded.

Travel rules have recently changed.  Talk to Rachelle before booking any airline tickets.

For More Information

Explain the Benefits

Explain the reason for the trip. For example:

  • Giving a talk (explain what kind of talk and how long)
  • Graduating, so you want to go to the annual meeting as part of a job search
  • Giving a talk at another university
  • Going to a meeting to hear talks in your research area

Talk to your Advisor

You should discuss your travel plans with your advisor. Do not delay things if your advisor is temporarily inaccessible, though. In this case, Marilyn Johnson can advise you on whom to talk to.

Share the Costs

If several people are traveling to the same conference or event, make an effort to share lodgings, rental cars, etc. If you are traveling as part of a group (a semigroup?), each person should submit his/her own form, clearly indicating what that person is paying for. It is very helpful to submit the requests together.

Justify the Costs

If it is cheaper for several people to fly to a nearby airport and rent a car, say so. If you are sharing lodging, say so.

Meal Allowances

Since travel funds are limited, anyone requesting support from the department should limit their meal reimbursements to 2/3 of the Standard Meal Allowance set by the federal government. For most locations, the Standard Meal Allowance is $39 per day. Consult this website for precise information on the Standard Meal Allowance for your destination. Remember that you need to turn in your receipts to be reimbursed.


Be sure you have added the costs correctly, that only one person is asking for money for the hotel room, that the registration fee is the correct one for your status, etc.

Follow Up

If you have not heard back in a day or so, check with Rachelle. Be sure to keep all receipts and to submit your reimbursement request in a timely way---more than 60 days after the trip, we can't reimburse you. It's state law.