UNL Math Circle for High School Students

Nebraska high school students are invited to join Assistant Professor of Mathematics Jack Jeffries in the Fall 2022 semester for UNL Math Circle events. During each session, a university or visiting mathematician will lead students through an activity related to advanced mathematics. Due to COVID-19, Dr. Jeffries will be contacting high school teachers to set up Math Circles at school math club meetings. If you are interested in having a Math Circle at your school, please contact Dr. Jeffries at jack.jeffries@unl.edu. Download a flyer

The UNL Math Circle is a new outreach event that brings university mathematicians and mathematical scientists together with high school students. While the presenters will explain new ideas, the meetings will be centered on activities rather than lectures. The focus is on mathematical topics outside of the typical high school curriculum; we will focus on topics that are of classical interest, have new applications in the modern world, or that more often appear after high school.

UNL faculty and students from a range of different mathematical specialties will be invited to present, to ensure that a broad and exciting panorama of mathematics is conveyed.

Jeffries wants to encourage more high school students, particularly members of the Hispanic community, to study mathematics. At least one session per semester will be directed in Spanish, and visiting faculty from Latin America will participate as scheduling allows.

Contact Dr. Jeffries at jack.jeffries@unl.edu with any questions.

Jack Jeffries