Student Spotlight: Anjaneshwar Ganesan

Anjaneshwar Ganesan
Majors: Physics and Math
Year in School: Senior

Chennai, India

What gets you excited about Math?

I consider Math to be my most fluent language. Due to Math, laws of the universe can be written in simple, succinct expressions; that fact awes me. Also, I love how each concept branches out into many different ones or how one concept can be represented in several ways. I love to discover these types of relations between concepts.

Favorite math class or instructor? Why?

My favorite Math class had to be MATH 325: Elementary Analysis. I really liked that class because it fit the way I think about Math. It was the first class I took where I had to sit and think for prolonged periods of time, carefully arranging my thoughts to come up with mathematical proofs. I loved taking this class!

What are you excited about doing after graduation?

I aspire to go to grad school and pursue my doctoral degree. Of course, immediately after graduation, I want to relax a bit and spend time doing other things I always wanted to do, such as keyboarding, playing more volleyball, and learning to edit videos!

What is a goal you have accomplished as a Husker?

As a Husker, my goal was to involve myself in a lot of college activities and participate in the many experiences that UNL offers. I have worked in the Welcome Team, was an Honors Peer Mentor, been a Learning Assistant for a math class. I am currently a committee member of a RSO at UNL and doing undergraduate research in both physics and math. These are just a few highlights of my Husker career. One day, I want to watch a football game at the Memorial Stadium!

What do you hope to cross off your “bucket list” in the next few years?

My primary goal is to do something meaningful and interesting in the field of physics, whether it be working at a national lab or working as a professor at a university. Aside from that, I would love to travel to Japan, Switzerland, and Spain.

How many graduate level classes are you taking, and what's your favorite thing about taking them?

I have taken one graduate level class, MATH 825: Math Analysis 1, up until now. The workload is not too much but requires consistent work. One cannot rush through the assigned work in a day or two; instead, it takes roughly 4-5 days to understand the concepts and do well in class. I enjoyed the challenge of taking a grad course because it convinced me that I wouldn’t be struggling when I take higher level classes in graduate school. As for what I liked about taking MATH 825, my professor Dr. Petronela Radu dived deep into concepts that improved my intuition and knowledge.