This is an exciting double elimination competition (like the old fashioned GE College Bowl). We are planning for 100 teams to enter in this event.

There will be four divisions: Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D.

Each round consists of two teams competing against each other answering questions read by a moderator. There will be 15 questions of a type that a smart student can answer in a few seconds. The essence of this competition is quick thinking. The two teams will be seated on the two sides of the moderator. There will be a buzzer mechanism with each student having a push button switch in front of him/her. The moderator reads a question and the participants will have 30 seconds to answer it. Any member of either team can press the buzzer to indicate his/her intention to answer the question. That student or any member of that team can answer, but only the first answer will be accepted. If it is correct, the moderator so announces and awards one point to that team and proceeds to the next question. If the answer given is wrong, the other team gets a chance to answer, if there is time left. (Note about time: As stated above, the total time allowed is 30 seconds. This will be strictly observed. For instance, one team member pressed the buzzer ten seconds after the question was read. If his/her answer was wrong or if the team did not answer immediately, within two or three seconds, then the other team will have the remaining 17 seconds or so to come up with their answer. There will be a time keeper assisting the moderator.) It proceeds thusly until all 15 questions have been asked. The higher scoring team is declared winner (there will be tie-breaker questions) and proceeds to the next round. The losing team will continue in the Consolation bracket if this is their first loss, and will drop out of competition if it is their second loss. Each round takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes. The preliminary rounds will be held in small rooms that will accommodate 30 to 35 people, plenty of room for a supportive audience to applaud the teams. In each division there will eventually be one team with no losses and one team with one loss. These teams will meet in the finals which will be held on stage in front of the whole gathering. The winners will be declared the Champions. If a winner of a final round happens to be a school with one loss, then there will be a rematch to determine the champion. The Champions and Runners Up will be awarded trophies.