2011 Project Descriptions

The following are likely research projects for summer 2011. Additional projects may be added.

Duckweed Consumer-Resource Dynamics

Aphids and Duckweed

This project will aim to parametize a model of consumer-resource dynamics for a system of duckweed and and a population of aphid herbivores. We will begin with classical models, and modify them as needed.  The faculty mentor will be Chad Brassil.

Pollinator Preference Data


This project will involve the development of a technique to determine when pollinators are exhibiting preferential visitation to certain kinds of flowers when those flowers occur in the wild. Data will be collected in the field to validate this technique.  The faculty mentors will be Sabrina Russo and Chad Brassil.

Mustard Optimal Life History

Wild Mustard

This project will examine what controls optimal flower strategies for plants. Specifically, the project will examine a population of annual plants which exhibit the unique strategy of flowering in the spring and in fall.  The faculty mentor will be Diana Pilson.