Student Spotlight: Allison Cruikshank

Allison Cruikshank

Allison Cruikshank
Majors: Mathematics, Biochemistry
Year in School: Junior

Where are you from?

I was born in Columbus, Nebraska.

What gets you excited about Math?

I love the way that it can be used to describe so many things in the world. It can even be used to make some cool art!

Favorite math class or instructor? Why?

My favorite math class is Math 325 (Elementary Analysis) as it introduced a new area of math that I had no idea existed.

What are you excited about doing after graduation?

I am excited about pursuing a Ph.D. that will allow me to dive deeper into the field of mathematical biology.

What is a goal you have accomplished as a Husker?

I have participated in activities that the math department has provided. I was able to be a part of a mathematical modeling competition last year that allowed me to put my modeling skills to the test.

What do you hope to cross off your “bucket list” in the next few years?

I hope to go out of my comfort zone and live in a different state for graduate school!