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The department offers a broad range of graduate courses in most areas of mathematics, with special research expertise in certain key areas.

Graduate level courses usually carry three semester-hours of credit, with a normal load for a full-time graduate student being three courses each semester of the academic year. During the summer terms, graduate students may take up to two courses. Subject to departmental evaluation, transfer of credits from other institutions is usually possible. There is sufficient flexibility in the requirements for each of the degrees offered to allow students to select areas of specialization within mathematics as well as building a strong minor area within or outside the department.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (MS/PhD), for those intending to receive a masters as well as a PhD.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), for those who plan to receive only a PhD.
  • Master of Science (MS) and Master of Arts (MA), for those who intend to only receive a masters degree.
  • Master of Arts for Teachers (MAT), and Master of Science for Teachers (MScT).