Master of Arts for Teachers (MAT Degree)

Effective in Fall 2021, the MAT degree can be completed in 30 credit hours. Awarded by the Department of Mathematics, courses in the MAT degree can be taken entirely online, in person on the UNL campus or other Nebraska locations, or as a combination of both. Since 2005, more than 375 teachers have earned the MAT degree. The program is uniquely designed for secondary and middle-level mathematics teachers and aims to deepen teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching by focusing on advanced mathematical concepts that underlie or have strong connections to the school curriculum. Most of the courses in the MAT program were developed with NSF funding by members of the UNL faculty in partnership with master K-12 teachers. As a result, the content is rigorous yet grounded in the realities of K-12 classrooms.

This degree can provide considerable value to high school teachers wishing to teach dual credit courses or teach at a community college or for teachers wishing to obtain an advanced degree that relates to and genuinely benefits their classrooms. To apply, you must have a valid teaching certificate, write a personal statement, provide three letters of recommendation, order official transcripts from all previous collegiate schools, and a resume. Applications are submitted to Graduate Studies via CollegeNet. For application instructions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Note: The MAT degree does not lead to added endorsement or licensure.

"I decided to pursue my degree online because I was looking for a university that provided me with an opportunity to extend my math understanding and make me a better math teacher. As a full-time teacher, wife and mother, I needed a program that I could complete at my own pace," said Amber Clausen, a teacher in Grand Island, Nebraska. "The program has encouraged me to help my students by showing them that there is not always one right way to get an answer and there is more to math besides formulas and repetitive steps. This program has given me a stronger background knowledge in math which allowed me to provide better instruction to my students."


Jasmine Hansen

“I was looking for an online program that would allow me to continue coaching three sports and teaching full time in addition to helping my husband with the cattle. This was one of the few programs that I could find that had math programs completely online. UNL was so nice to work with and the process was very user-friendly. The professors really made me think and reflect about my teaching and now I have my own students reflect and justify concepts. Being able to ask peers and bounce ideas off of each other was a huge help and I couldn’t have done it without my classmates. The biggest change that I have made to my teaching was my questioning techniques. I have become better at asking why we are doing things instead of following the procedures. My students have a chance to explain things to me more than they have had in the past. I am more confident that I am teaching them to think about why we are doing things. This program really allows you to get out of it what you want. The more you put into the program the more you get out.

Jasmine Hansen, Student, Mathematics, MAT, University of Nebraska–Lincoln