Rowlee Lecture Series

The Howard Rowlee Lecture Series is made possible through a generous donation by Mr. Howard E. Rowlee, Jr., a Lincoln resident and friend of the department, who has established a fund at the University of Nebraska Foundation to support research in mathematics. The Howard Rowlee Lecture is an annual event that seeks to bring internationally acclaimed scholars in the mathematical sciences to UNL to promote public understanding of mathematical research and to stimulate the environment for mathematics research at UNL.

Complete Listing of Howard Rowlee Lecturers

2024 Alan Frieze Carnegie Mellon University 
2023 Stuart White Oxford University
2021 Edriss Titi Cambridge University and Texas A&M
2020 Cancelled due to Covid restrictions
2018 Fall Ruy Exel Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
2018 Spring David Benson University of Aberdeen
2017 Marta Lewicka University of Pittsburgh
2016 Jordan Ellenberg University of Wisconsin-Madison
2015 Irene Fonseca Carnegie Mellon
2014 Tony DeRose Pixar Animation Studios
2013 George E. Andrews Pennsylvania State University
2012 Mark Lewis University of Alberta
2011 David Eisenbud University of California-Berkeley
2010 Carlos Kenig University of Chicago
2009 Mike Hopkins Harvard University
2008 Peter Sarnak Institute for Advanced Study
2007 Béla Bollobás Trinity College, Cambridge, and the University of Memphis
2006 Ingrid Daubechies Princeton University
2005 James P. Keener University of Utah
2004 Donald Saari University of California, Irvine
2003 Mark J. Ablowitz University of Colorado, Boulder
2002 Ron Graham University of California, San Diego
2001 Vaughan F. R. Jones University of California, Berkeley
2000 Melvin Hochster University of Michigan
1999 Bradley Efron Stanford University
1998 Avner Friedman University of Minnesota
1997 Efim Zelmanov Yale University