Grading Appeals for Mathematics Courses

Grading appeals in the Mathematics Department are initially handled by the vice chair, currently Professor Allan Donsig. Under normal circumstances, appeals should be initiated within two weeks of the end of the semester.

In general, department policies follow the policies of the College of Arts and Sciences Grading Appeals Committee.

Informal Appeals

Informal appeals can often resolve issues quickly and with a minimum of misunderstanding.
  1. If you are concerned about your grade, the first step is to contact your instructor and and discuss the concerns with him or her.
  2. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the instructor, please contact the vice chair, Allan Donsig or the academic advisor, Doug Pellatz. You can explain the nature of your concern and they may be able to mediate a resolution.

Formal Appeals

If informal discussions have not resolved the issue, a formal appeal can be made to the vice chair. Such an appeal should be made in writing, including the following:
  1. Contact information for the student, including an email address and possibly a phone number or a mailing address
  2. What the instructor did that led to the appeal.
  3. Why the instructor's actions justify changing the grade.
  4. Any relevant written evidence (which may include the syllabus, exams, papers, and anything else that supports the student's appeal)

Students are responsible for gathering all relevant evidence to support their appeal.

The vice chair will gather other evidence that seems appropriate and reply in writing to the student. The student has the option to appeal this decision to the department's Grading Appeals Committee. Decisions of the department's Grading Appeals Committee can then be appealed to the College of Arts and Sciences Grading Appeals Committee.