Math Honors Courses

The Math Department offers a range of Honors Courses for students with strong interest and ability in mathematics who want a deeper understanding of course material and interesting problems to work on.

Honors courses typically have smaller enrollments and are quite interactive, so students and faculty come to know each other well. Students do not have to be in the honors program to take these courses.

If you are unsure about taking an honors course, please talk to the course instructor or to a math advisor.

For descriptions, go to the Undergraduate Catalog course list.

Math 107H
Offered each fall semester. These classes develop a fuller and more detailed perspective on Calculus.
Math 208H
Offered in both the fall and spring semesters. These classes continue on from Math 107H, treating multivariable calculus with the same style and perspective.
Math 221H
Offered each fall semester
Math 314H
Offered each spring semester