AGAM Summer Camp

AGAM participants work on aerodynamics activity

Interact with peers who share your love of math

Since 1997, students in grades 10-12 have been participating in an annual mathematics summer camp offered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Map). This weeklong summer mathematics camp for high school students provides a stimulating and supportive environment for students who want to develop their mathematical ability and interest.

AGAM Summer Math Camp and All Girls All Math Summer Math Camp

Summer 2022 Dates: July 10-16, 2022, on campus at UNL (application will open in January 2022)

Eligibility: High school students entering grades 10-12 in the fall are invited to apply for the camp. Candidates must have completed high school geometry. Special consideration is given to those entering their sophomore or junior year in the fall who have not yet taken Calculus.

Participants learn about the exciting mathematics of Codes, interact with peers who share an interest in mathematics, and work with mathematics graduate students and professors who earned their Ph.Ds. from Nebraska. The campers are chaperoned by mathematics graduate students and undergraduate students. AGAM is one of 18 Young Scholars Programs across the nation supported by the American Mathematical Society Epsilon Fund. AGAM has been included in the Ultimate Guide to Summer Opportunities for Teens: 200 Programs That Prepare You For College Success book as one of 200 of the best summer programs for teens across the nation.

A typical day at online camp includes:

  • Interesting mathematics sessions each morning and afternoon
  • Problem sessions following each class, facilitated by the instructors, and a Nebraska graduate student
  • Evening networking activities

See pictures from previous years!

In 2020, we held our first virtual camp and repeated the experience in 2021. Learn more about this successful and rewarding online experience!

Heart sculpture outside Memorial Stadium
AGAM group photo outside Duncan Aviation
AGAM participants work on an activity together
A puzzle that AGAM students must find and solve
AGAM students work on measuring project
AGAM group photo at Devaney Sports Center
AGAM 2019 aerodynamics class
AGAM group photo outside Morrill Hall

Registration fee for virtual camp

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln wants the AGAM camp experience to be available to everyone. While the cost to attend the virtual camp is $350, which covers instruction and online activity fees, we are able to offer scholarships through generous contributions of many donors, alumni, staff and friends, and through the support of the AMS/Epsilon Program. A limited number of additional scholarships for registration may become available. Participants who need such a scholarship will be asked to explain their financial need situation in the online AGAM application. You do not pay until accepted. Note: In an in-person residential camp environment, the true per-student cost for the camp, including the cost of providing instruction, housing, meals, and social activities, is approximately $1,200.

How to apply

Apply Online

  • The open application period starts in December 2020 and will be open until midnight CT on April 5, 2021.
  • All applications must be received by April 5, 2021, for consideration.
  • Applicants with applications completed by April 5 will be notified by April 29.

Because giving personal attention to each camper is a priority for professors and staff, only 30 students are accepted. We will offer additional camps if demand is high enough. Admission is competitive, so early application is advised.


AGAM Summer Camp
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
I loved all the activities and guest speakers. The panels were great opportunities to learn more, and the tours and mini-course were a very unique experience. It felt really well organized and was overall an exceptional camp. The atmosphere was always super chill and all the chaperones were helpful and friendly. I learned a lot from cryptography class and found RSA Encryption to be much more interesting than I anticipated. It was great being able to meet a bunch of different students with similar interests and connecting with them throughout the week. Thank you to everyone again for dedicating your time and effort to this; I really appreciated it!
2021 AGAM camper Amanda Guo

Support AGAM

AGAM provides a supportive environment for the study of mathematics and the exploration of careers in a variety of fields. Our faculty, from the Nebraska alumni community, share a strong commitment to high-quality teaching and outreach. We appreciate your interest in our program and hope you will consider making a donation so that the Department of Mathematics can sustain this camp after grant funding.

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