MCTP Math Scholars Program

The MCTP Math Scholars Program is for mathematics majors who want to prepare for some of this country's best mathematics graduate programs. Top programs want top students. Top students have a record that clearly indicates they can do well in graduate level mathematics courses, have experience doing mathematical research, have some experience teaching entry level college mathematics and have excellent recommendations. The MCTP Math Scholar will graduate with such a record. Students accepted into the MCTP Math Scholars Program will benefit from the following:

  • Receive mentoring from experienced faculty on selecting appropriate courses, preparing for the Graduate Record Exam, selecting a graduate school and selecting references.
  • Research experience with a faculty mentor under a full academic year research scholarship.
  • Teaching experience either as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant or a Counselor in our Student Resource Center (both salaried positions).
  • Exposure to current research areas in mathematics through the Mathematical Landscapes Seminar, and the Regional Workshop in Mathematics.
  • Working closely with 1st-year graduate students in courses and seminars.
  • Receive funding to attend a national or regional research conference to experience and share in the exchange of new research.

These opportunities are available on a competitive basis to any mathematics major who is seriously considering graduate school. Those accepted into the MCTP Math Scholars will have an individualized program that includes all of the above opportunities.

Sophomores or juniors who wish to apply for the MCTP Math Scholars program should visit with the Chief Undergraduate Advisor of the mathematics department. The advisor will help you prepare the application materials. Indeed any mathematics major who is interested in finding out more about graduate programs in mathematics should visit with the Chief Undergraduate Advisor. It is never too early nor too late to start your preparation for graduate school. For those of us who like mathematics, being a professional mathematician is both rewarding and exciting.