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About Me

Personal Website:

Hello! My name is Scott Hootman-Ng and I am a sixth year graduate student under the supervision of professor Petronela Radu. My somewhat unusual last name is a concatenation of my parent's family names. The Ng, which is what people struggle with, is pronounced as if there was an 'i' in front of it ("ing") and is my father's surname, who is Chinese. My research interests are in Nonlocal Models, Continuum Mechanics, PDE and Integral Equations. I currently also meet with professor Florin Bobaru and his group in the Engineering department working to apply nonlocal models in engineering contexts (Peridynamics) like the analysis of fracture and damage. If you are from another department and would like to possibly collaborate on some projects please reach out! I enjoy seeing how other disciplines view technically complex problems.

I am also a huge supporter of Open Source Software and use it whenever possible. For computing/numerical tasks I use Linux, Emacs, Sage, Python, R, Firefox etc. This can be somewhat of an issue in applied contexts as MATLAB is quite popular. I have used MATLAB in the past, but prefer to use an open source option if possible. I have fiddled around with GNU Octave, which is supposedly somewhat compatible with MATLAB code but the adjective "somewhat" makes me a little skiddish to use it.

In my free time on campus I like to read, listen to music (metal is my favorite genre) or try to solve combinatorics problems or Project Euler problems. Off campus I like to watch films (I'm currently trying to watch all the films from the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die series), play guitar, learn languages (I have a 600 day streak on Duolingo Spanish which I'm quite proud of!), run or practice martial arts. I currently practice Kendo (japanese fencing), with Anh Vo, another grad student in the department, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (frequently called BJJ).

Seminars Attended

  • Continuum Mechanics Seminar
  • PDE Seminar
  • Matematicas en Español
  • Nonlocal Models Student Reading Seminar (Co-founder and Co-organizer)

Teaching (Fall 2023)

This semester I am only leading recitations in Calc III and Differential Equations

Math 208-351: Calculus III Recitation

Math 208-451: Calculus III Recitation

Math 221-151: Differential Equations Recitation

Math 221-153: Differential Equations Recitation

Math 221-252: Differential Equations Recitation

If you are a current student of mine go to our Canvas page for additional course information.

Courses Taught

I have taught the following courses at UNL as an instructor of record in past semesters:

  • Math 101: College Algebra
  • Math 102: Trigonometry
  • Math 103: College Algebra & Trigonometry
  • Math 104: Applied Calculus
  • Math 107: Calculus II
  • Math 203: Contemporary Mathematics
  • Math 208: Calculus III
  • Math 221: Differential Equations (Recitation only)
  • Math 300: Mathematics Matters
  • Math 314: Linear Algebra

I was also a grader for the graduate course Math 851 Differential Equations II and Math 921 Real Analysis I (Measure Theory).


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, UNL. May 2024 (Projected)
  • M.A., Mathematics, UNL. May 2020
  • B.A., Mathematics, UCONN. May 2015